Tencent as Developer of QQ Games Releases App to Run PC Titles on Smart Phones

05/02/2020 - Actualizado: 12/03/2021

The gaming industry has been growing exponentially over the last years, with titles that now are played by thousands of people online and with streaming purposes, and having battle royale titles great popularity in the last decade, with PUGB, Fortnite, Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile in the last month.

As it happens with the games respecting popular titles and with more and more players worldwide, everyday are designed new gaming technologies to enjoy playing everywhere and with great possibilities.

Tencent, as one of the biggest media, entertainment and gaming companies worldwide, behind brands like QQ, WeChat and others that are quite huge in China has developed a new app to bring the PC gaming experience right in our hands through mobile devices, with a proper platform that improve the experience to a whole new level with no doubt.

And if it was not enough respecting Tencent´s influence in the gaming and media industry in general in China and worldwide, this company is nothing but the owner of Epic as developer of Fortnite, and also owns Riot Games and Supercell, as great names in developing studios in the gaming field.

A new gaming experience with Tencent´s app on PC and Mobile

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WeGame is the name of this new app designed by Tencent as main developer, with the purpose of bringing a completely new gaming experience by linking PCs running Windows with mobile devices, with the application acting as a bridge.

In fact, the main functionality of the app is very simple and straightforward; the tool allows to see a game installed and running on a PC, in a smart phone or table, so the game session still on even when the user is not in front of the TV, but in front of their smart phone or tablet, as handhelds that we usually do not leave out of sight.

With WeGame, the gaming running on the PC appears on the screen of the smart phone, and it is possible to keep playing with the use of a physical controller or with virtual buttons of the screen of the device.

Basically, the app carries out a mirroring process in which all that is happening on the computer as main and most powerful device running the game, is showed simply on the screen of the linked phone.

What is needed for WeGame to work properly?

In order for WeGame to work properly, there are a few easy requirements that must be present, so the game can be shown from the PC to the smart phone or tablet. First of all, the computer must run Windows as base operating system, and the phone or tablet to mirror the game should be running Android or iOS, with the WeGame app running on the background.

Secondly, the last and most important requirement is that PC and phone or tablet must be connected to the same WIFI and local connection, so this is a solution designed to be used at home or with domestic approach.