Play Divine Ring and Legendary Glory at QQ Games

05/02/2020 - Actualizado: 12/03/2021

There are amazing games to play at QQ Games, standing out the RPG and battle titles that are enjoyed by thousands of players worldwide, especially in China but generating plenty of interest in other countries of the European and American continents. Example are the games Divine Ring and Legend of Glory.

Divine Ring as the Ultimate RPG

Divine Ring is a role playing game or RPG with amazing graphics, which will remain players of the 2-D visuals historic titles used to have in previous generations of console, but including amazing soundtrack, game modes and of course, an online mode to battle and face other players worldwide.

This RPG involves three combined modes in the game to balance character growth and achievements in levels, Player VS. Player direct confrontation and interaction with the worlds and general progress to unlock secrets and rewards. Scenes and battles are recorded from muti-angle views to be enjoyed after the game.

Divine Ring is a 2-D beautiful RPG game that remains of those released for Nintendo and Super Nintendo. Developed by Eastern Magic, this title includes interesting elements, threatening bosses, great collection of characters and a story behind that will keep players hooked and playing for a while.

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Not only Divine Ring is spectacularly similar to RPG from other generations, but it also innovates respecting new game modes available, giving an amazing fighting experience that excites the payers with no doubt, with fantasy and magic elements that are usually incredible from any point of view and offer this incredible story in a game that will keep players several hours having fun.

Legend of Glory

For those looking for a classic original game to play online, Legend of Glory is this battle title that involves plenty of the original elements of this category, but including advantages respecting recent times, such as incredible visuals, a great story behind the characters, great graphics and music that is worthy of being included in a movie, all of this available in this tiny package as a game available at QQ Games.

Come and experience this amazing battle game that is Legend of Glory, with a high definition system and great quality image, different game modes and an online mode that is unprecedented for this type of titles available on the internet, being the only way to know it by actually playing this awesome Legends of Glory title.

In details, Legends of Glory is an on real time battle game that is based on nostalgia released in 2018, with a paradisiac screen, visual features and game modes and realism that current titles are known for at present time. Also, the title combines this classic characteristics with advanced features and technological options and elements respecting weapons and more.

When it comes to battle games, Legends of Glory stands out as a great option to play, providing an amazing and legendary experience, as its title says and giving great options to the players in relation to story, character development, levels and multiplayer options that could not be missed in relation to any title at QQ Games.