What is QQ Games?

05/02/2020 - Actualizado: 12/03/2021

Tencent is this big Chinese conglomerate of internet-based services in the Asian country, very similar to Google in the western hemisphere but having the same influence in Asia and overseas. One of the most known platforms offered by Tencent is QQ, which is a brand that frames plenty of entertainment and business solutions for the users, with free services across the board.

QQ involves plenty of possibilities and solutions online for free, starting with the email services as the account that works as the main credential to access the other platforms provided by QQ. One great example is the QQ Games web site, which as its name says is focused in entertainment of this sort and online titles that are a trend this days on mobile and local devices, along with consoles.

Learning a little bit more about QQ Games

In definition, QQ Games is the platform that belongs to Tencent that is focused only in online games thousands of players can play at the same time, in matches across the internet to compete. Along with the online feature every title has on this platform, every game is free and is considered casual, so everyone can play the games regardless of their age and devices used to do so.

The key to enjoy all of this games offered by Tencent through QQ relies on the fact that a valid credential is needed respecting QQ Mail, which can be created actually quite easy.

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Although QQ Games is completely in Chinese, the web site has an official version in English for better convenience respecting users that speak and read this language worldwide. This entertainment platform is very influential and has managed to store plenty of available games, belonging to many categories.

Searching categories in QQ Games and accessing the web site

To enter the QQ Games website is very simple. You just need to open a new tab on your preferred browser and through the www.qqgame.qq.com the platform will be opened in no time. The main site is in Chinese but accessing from other country will make the site load in English.

qq games

Right underneath the search bar there is the category list shown horizontally, with games that belong to many types and sorts. Arcade games are of the most played in general, and the platforms also offer options to play PC games.

qq games

If we scroll down a little bit the most popular navigation and games belonging to those categories will appear, according to game theme, gameplay and game tag.

qq games

To the side of the popular navigation panel there is the useful function to download the QQ Games client, or otherwise known as the installable software from which users can play and download games from the platform, without the need of an internet browser.

It is possible to download clients for Windows PCs, as well as for mobile devices running Android through the corresponding app.

qq games

And finally, at the bottom of the website are shown the top games of every category, in case the users are looking for something casual to have fun and kill some time.

qq games