Play Baby Paradise and Pinnacle Tanks at QQ Games

05/02/2020 - Actualizado: 12/03/2021

QQ Games is right now of the most relevant and searched online games platform on the internet, due to the great set of titles available, in different categories and with amazing possibilities respecting facing multiple players at once to measure skills and progress in the game.

In this case we have Baby Paradise and Pinnacle Tanks; two great titles in which we have to raise a beautiful baby pig pet in the first one, taking care of it and teach it how to play and fight, while in the second one we are going to have amazing battles in powerful tanks that can be improved.

Take care of your pig pet in Baby Paradise

Baby Paradise is this cute and colorful game, in which the user has the responsibility to take care of a beautiful baby pig as a pet, so it must be cleaned, washed, fed and more to make it happy and therefore it can grow properly.

As in any pet game, the player must use tools to maintain it happy in every aspect, in order to earn points and purchase advanced objects that will be able to progress more and more, allowing to get accessories, clothes, food and even venues and places where the pet is going to be happy to be around, growing happy.

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Not only that, since in Baby Paradise the player will be able to teach the pet to fight and perform different moves and compete online with other baby pigs. The halls and lobbies where the pets are growing can also be changed and improved.

The babies are able to acquire different skills over time, and there are talented babies that can earn points in mini games faster than others, depending on their type. Such mini games are very fun to play and apart from maintain the pet happy and entertaining, it will allow to earn points to purchase objects and improvements.

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Fight Amazing Wars with Pinnacle Tanks

For those tank lovers out there, Pinnacle Tanks has arrived as an amazing online game that allows the players to drive and control amazing metal beasts in wars, with known models in history like the German Panzer, The 99A, M1A2 and the Mekawa, the Apache and others.

In this title players will fight the most amazing battles in land and also on the air, with choppers as the MI-24 y el Wuzhi-10, along with a great array of lands, weapons and mines that will help to win this war.

With over 100 tanks, war ships, choppers, anti-tanks, aircrafts and other vehicles, Pinnacle Tanks let the players enjoy an amazing battle game that is nothing but excitement, fun and competitive strikes on the field, with the possibility to play in multiplayer and measure forces with others across the world and compare how tanks and aircrafts are improved and more powerful.

Pinnacle Tanks let the users enjoy a competitive game with no doubt, experiencing wars at the very best level and with all the online advantages, amazing graphics and visuals all titles at QQ Games are able to offer.

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