Playing Blooded Sand City and the Three Kingdoms QQ Games

05/02/2020 - Actualizado: 12/03/2021

QQ Games is currently one of the most relevant and successful online games platform in China, little by little spreading to Europe and America due to the great offer in high quality title that can be played with other players around the world, easily through the QQ Games client available for installation in PCs and Mac-based laptops and desktops.

Two games that really are worthy of being highlighted at QQ Games are Blooded Sand City and the Three Kingdoms, as titles that due to their characteristics and features can be easily considered console games or triple A exclusives, but available on the online platform of QQ and played by thousands of players at once, facing each other in great matches.

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Win the battle playing Blooded Sand City

Blooded San City is a battle game available at QQ Games, with monsters and all types of creatures to beat, being the player a human that must become a great and powerful warrior to face these entities and defeat them.

With great bosses and many levels, this game is pure fun and rich respecting every aspect of visuals and graphics, soundtrack, story and general mechanics and control, worthy of an AAA console game, but better.

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This titles stands out because of its massive monster fight, along with many game modes to choose from, combining classic ways to play with most innovative ones proper of the online options available in Blooded Sand City, allowing to face, compete and play in collaboration with many other players worldwide.

In the game there are up to three professional fighting methods, with great playing and incredible movements to face and beat other opponents, and of course the ugly monsters. To do so, there is the need to clear different levels and improve the characters, so it can be possible to use the best weapons and armors available and needed in more difficult stages and facing stronger bosses.

Get out of the siege in the Three Kingdoms

In the Three Kingdoms the player must find out how to get out of the siege the city is being victim from, with the help of different strategies, arms, objects and others, in a legendary story that involves fantasy, love, warriors and more, in a very beautiful game with amazing colors and visuals, with RPG and adventures features, all at once.

The objective of this classic fantasy RPG game is to become the hero of the three kingdoms, with the support of the warriors Lu Yuming, Guan Yu and Zhongyi, and also the help of the Spirit and the collecting of gold and gems that are very important to get the best weapons and magical objects to fight.

Half-moons, bulls in flames, crying gods and fury lightings is what awaits the players in the Three Kingdoms, with classic abilities and game modes that are combined with innovative features to enjoy at QQ Games, as well as in other mobile devices, being this title compatible. Lead an army and free the Three Kingdoms from the siege and become the hero.  

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