Play Seven Souls and the Three Boiled Kingdoms at QQ Games

05/02/2020 - Actualizado: 12/03/2021

There are amazing titles to play in the online platform of QQ Games, allowing to enjoy hundreds of options and all of the with online capabilities, all through the QQ Games client that can be installed on PC and laptops running Windows or Macs.

Amazing options to play using this online platform are Seven Souls and the Three Boiled Kingdoms; two amazing stories of fantasy and fight that combine amazing visuals and graphics, great controls and a theme and guideline behind that make them amazing to play, with available hours to enjoy and of course, online possibilities to face in a match other players and measure strength and general progress.

Playing Three Boiled Kingdoms

Specifically, Three Boiled Kingdoms is a game that combines aspects and elements of RPG titles with card games, in which the players play by turns like if it were a board game in real life, so strategy is also involved big time.

This game is very attractive visually-wise, with amazing graphics and punchy colors that make it very enjoyable and really stand out on the screen, with different game modes that take advantage of this graphic features. This title is like an AAA game for PC or mobile devices, but with an online approach that can be enjoyed only using QQ Games and its proper installable client.

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Having features of RPG, the Three Boiled Kingdoms is a fighting title as well, where players can face each other by turns, with a great field and following a complete strategy that is very important to win.

Three Boiled Kingdom involves a beautiful 3-D panoramic game, with amazing soundtrack and story, which combines with free trade respecting objects and improves, money earning, online playing and recruitment, in order to win and defeat all the enemies in the three nations that are shown in the game.

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Be a fantasy powerful warrior playing Seven Souls

Seven Souls is an amazing titles that combines RGP style, along with fighting and adventures with incredible graphics, martial arts battles and more characteristics that make of the best and most played titles at QQ Games. With real scenes, team fighting, gold collecting, dragon balls forging and improvement in character´s level, Seven Souls is definitely a gaming experience to have.

Through the Spirit in the game the player is able to forge golden weapons that are very powerful, such as the Yitian sword, or synthetizing other objects and arms that can be very important at the moment of fighting and beat other players.

Across the Six Reigns of Chivalry, the player can unlock other levels to achieve unprecedented progress in the game, such as Legend God, God Patron and obtain Destructor Value to win battles and earn points that can be exchanged for amazing improvements, weapons and armors.

This title means many hours of fun and enjoyment, through a rich experience and many game elements and modes that make the title permanently entertaining, with no end and in perpetual growth for the characters and players in general.

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