How to send a message, file, image or video in QQ Mail

Once you know how to log in and out of your QQ mail account, the next step is to learn how to use its basic functions: sending an email message, and how to attach different types of files.

QQ mail has a very clean interface that makes all of this very simple. In this post, we’ll walk you through each of these processes step by step. First, start by logging into your qqmail so that you are looking at your inbox, and we’ll go from there.

How to send an email in qqmail

First, let’s learn how to send a basic email in qqmail. Look over to the left menu bar in your QQ mailbox. At the very top, there should be a button to “Compose” a new email message, with a little picture of a pencil and notepad next to it. Click on “Compose”.

This will take you to the page where you will write your new email and indicate who you want to send it to.

The first field that you can fill in on this page is the “To” field, which is who will be receiving your email. Type in the email address of the recipient or recipients into this top box.

Next, you can enter a subject so the recipient knows what the message is about before they open it. This isn’t required, but it is recommended for good email etiquette.

One cute thing about QQ?? is you are able to change the color of the text in the subject line. Now, I imagine this color will only show up to people who are also using QQ Mail, but if you want to give it a try, just like on the tiny color palette on the right-hand side of the subject line. You can choose from orange, green, purple, or the default color, black.

I went ahead and chose purple. Isn’t that cute?

Now, you can go ahead and write the body of your email in the big box labeled “Content”. This part is up to you, and you can say whatever you want or need to say to your contact. Of course, your email will be written with a different tone depending on whether you’re writing to your boss or buddy from college, but good email etiquette is good in any situation (e.g. don’t overuse all-caps – it looks like you’re shouting).

When you are satisfied with your message, all you have to do is click on the “Send” button. There is one at the top of the page and another one at the bottom, and you can use either one.

And that’s it! That’s all it takes to send a basic email in QQ Mail.

Read on to learn how to attach files, pictures, and videos to your email messages.

How to attach a file or image in qqmail

If you want to send a file to the recipient of your email, qqmail has a very simple way to do that. First, let’s rewind to the part where you had already indicated who will be receiving the email, the subject, and composed the body of the email.

Now, to attach any type of file that’s less than 50 Mb, all you have to do is click on the link that says “Attach files” next to a small paperclip icon. 50 Mb is big enough to accommodate most text documents, like Word doc or PDF, as well as small or low-quality image files.

This will open up your computer’s file explorer, where you will need to browse for the file you want. Where you go here will depend on where you saved the file you are going to attach. If you aren’t sure, good places to check are “Desktop” and “Documents”. When you find it, click to select, and then click “Open” in the file explorer to attach it to your email. You’ll know that the attachment is there because right above the “Content” of your email, there will be a tiny paperclip with the name of the file you attached.

You can use this exact process to attach an image or picture to your QQ Mail email. Watch how I will click “Attach file”, and browse for the desired image in my file explorer.

Now, you can see that my image is attached.

There is another way to attach a file or picture to your message in qqmail that is helpful if you have your file on the desktop, or if you don’t know exactly where on the computer the file is but you have it open in an explorer window. For files that you just downloaded from the internet, this could be a good option. Basically, you’re just going to “drag and drop”.

Click and drag the file or picture you want into the body of the email, and then release the mouse to attach it.

Tadaa! As you can see, the file is uploading and will be attached and ready to send in just a few seconds.

How to attach a video in qqmail

Video files tend to be on the large side, and some email programs aren’t able to send them as normal attachments. QQMail has the ability to send some video files the normal way, but it also has a special option for large attachments.

For example, I have this video file on my desktop that I want to attach to my message. I’m going to drag and drop it just like before.

And when I do, this message pops up saying that my attachment is over 20 Mb. QQMail recommends sending this as a large attachment, although since it’s under 50 Mb, you can still send it normally. If you send it as a large attachment, it will be stored temporarily so your recipient can download it, and then it will be removed so it doesn’t waste space in your email.

If your video file is larger than 50 Mb, you’ll have to send it this special way and won’t have the option to send as a normal attachment.

After you’ve attached whatever files you want, all you have to do is click the “Send” button and your email will be on its way to the recipients you indicated.

Overall, sending messages and file attachments in QQ Mail isn’t very different from most other email platforms. Once you’ve done it a couple times and get the hang of it, it will be a piece of cake and you won’t even have to think about what you’re doing anymore.

How to save important messages in QQ Mail

When you use your email for all of your regular communication, it can be hard to keep track of the most important messages. Luckily, there are two easy ways to save important emails in QQ Mail. What’s more, you can do it right from your inbox or other folder, or while reading the message.

In this qqmail tutorial, we’ll give you step by step instructions for saving important messages using the star system and by creating a special folder for important emails. We’re going to start with a new message in our qqmail inbox that we want to save in a special place for important messages, like in the image below.

If you aren’t sure how to sign into your qqmail inbox, read our tutorial on logging in and out of QQ Mail first, and when you’re all logged in, come back to this page.

Saving important emails in QQ Mail: starred messages

This is probably the simplest and most visually attractive way to save important messages in qqmail. If you use Gmail regularly, this star system is very similar.

If you look at the left sidebar in your qqmail account, right underneath the “Inbox” tab is a section called “Starred”. This is there by default, so you don’t have to create it yourself. It is basically a pre-made folder that you can go to in order to find all the emails you have labeled with a star.

Labeling a message with a star is super easy. Find the email you want to mark as important, and all the way to the right will be a little outline of a star. If you hover your cursor over it, you might get a little box telling you what it does: “Add Star”.

Once you click the star, it will be filled in with yellow, indicating that the email has been starred. Notice that the message is still in your inbox. Starring the message won’t move it out of its original folder. All it does it make it easier to find again by putting it in the “Starred” folder as well.

To see what I mean, go ahead and click on the “Starred” tab under the “Inbox” tab. You should see your newly starred message there.

The star system is nice because you can see the little yellow stars from your main inbox. This way, they aren’t “out of sight, out of mind”. But it’s still easy to filter out all the less important email just by looking at the “Starred” tab.

Hint: You can also create “labels” for messages that work just like stars. Select the desired message, click on the “Mark as…” button, and create a “New label”. Name it whatever you want.

Saving important emails in QQ Mail: “important” folder

The only issue with saving important messages using qqmail’s star system is that it works best when used sparingly. If you have a ton of emails that you consider important, you might be better off creating your own system of folders to manage those messages.

Here’s why: imagine you have 1,000 messages in your inbox. Now imagine that 500 of those are “important” according to your criteria. If you went and starred all 500 of the important messages, it would still be hard to find what you’re looking for in the “Starred” tab.

A better way to organize a huge amount of important emails like this would be to create multiple types of “Important” folders.

For example, you might have 100 go to a new “IMPORTANT Work” folder, 100 to “IMPORTANT Family”, 100 to “IMPORTANT Social”, 100 to “IMPORTANT Medical”, and 100 to IMPORTANT Other”. It’s a lot easier to sort through 100 messages than 500 (five times easier, to be exact).

Creating a new “IMPORTANT” folder in qqmail is also very easy. Just make sure that the message or messages you want to move to the new folder are checked, click on the “Move to…” button, and select “New folder…” at the bottom.

Now, just type in the name of your new “Important” folder. Then, click “OK” to save it and move the selected messages.

Note: I typed some exclamation points here, but it turns out you can’t use special characters in your folder names in QQ Mail. So my folder name ended up just being “IMPORTANT”.

Now, in your left side bar, under the “My Folders” section, you will find your new “Important” folder, which should contain all the messages you selected in the first step. Click on it to look at the folder. As you can see, the message I wanted to save in my “IMPORTANT” folder is right there were I put it.

This folder is available for you to use whenever you want now. Next time you select a message and go to move it, this “Important” folder will appear in that drop-down menu that unfolds from the “Move to…” button. Create as many different folders as you need to stay organized.

Hint: for a more detailed tutorial on creating folders, check out our post on how to create folders in QQ Mail.

Saving an important message in QQ Mail while reading

One of the nice things about qqmail is that the interface doesn’t change very much from your inbox view to message view. You can save important emails while reading an open message using either of the two methods described above.

For the first method, just find the little star outline next to the message subject, and click it to save it to your starred messages.

For the second method, click on the “Move to…” button, and select your “Important” folder if you have already made one, or create a new folder for important messages.

See how easy it is to save important messages in QQ Mail? Personally, I like the stars because they’re visual and pretty. But for people who are nervous about throwing anything away because it might be important “someday”… Well, folders are a great solution for you. You can stay organized and never worry about having deleted a message that might be important in the future.

Don’t miss our next tutorial on how to mark and delete spam in QQ Mail.

How to set up mail forwarding in QQ Mail

Sometimes we get bogged down with multiple email accounts on multiple platforms and we just want to streamline everything into one inbox. That’s where mail forwarding comes in quite handy. In this post, we’ll talk about how to set up mail forwarding from other accounts into your QQ Mail inbox, and also how to forward messages from QQ Mail to other platforms like Gmail and

To get started, make sure you are logged in to your qqmail account so that you are viewing your mailbox. If you need help signing in, check out our previous post on how to sign in and out of qqmail.

How to forward email to your QQ Mail account

The system that downloads and forwards your email from one service to another is called “POP”. So, to get started setting up mail forwarding, first look to the left side bar in your qqmail inbox and find the option that says “Pop Folder”, and click on it.

QQ Mail account

If you have never set up mail forwarding in your account before, you should see a box that says “you have not added any pop account”, with a link you can click to “add now”. Click on that link.

QQ Mail account

Now, QQ Mail is going to give you a form to set up your external account. Before the form, though, there is some important information that you need to read to make this go smoothly. Basically, it says that in order for mail forwarding from your other email into your qqmail to work, the other account needs to support POP and have it enabled. We’ll get to that in just a second.

QQ Mail account

You can go ahead and fill in the address for the email you want to fetch email from, along with the password for that external account. But don’t submit the request yet! We need to check that POP is enabled in our other email account first.

QQ Mail account

In the next sections, we have the steps to follow to enable POP access in Gmail and Outlook.

How to forward email from Gmail to QQ Mail

If you want to send messages automatically from your Gmail to your qqmail, this is the section you want to read. First, start by logging into your Gmail account so that you’re in your inbox.

QQ Mail account

Now, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and go to your “Settings”.

QQ Mail account

You’ll be taken to the “General” tab of your Gmail settings. Farther to the right is another tab called “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”. Click to go to that tab.

QQ Mail account

From this point, it’s a good idea to click on the “Learn more” link in the “POP Download” section.

QQ Mail account

This will take you to detailed information from Google about the rest of the steps you need to follow to set up mail forwarding.

QQ Mail account

Note: Apparently my POP access was enabled since I set up my Gmail back in 2009 (where does the time go?). However, when I tried to submit the request in QQ??, it said it wasn’t enabled. So my recommendation is to select the button next to “Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on” and save your changes, even if it looks like POP is already enabled.

Once POP is enabled in your Gmail settings, you can go back to that QQ Mail form and submit the request. It will send a request to Gmail’s servers. If it doesn’t work right away, try again in a few hours or contact tech support for Gmail and/or QQ Mail.

QQ Mail account

How to forward email from Outlook to QQ Mail

If you want the mail you receive in your Outlook, Live, Hotmail, etc. email account to be automatically forwarded to your qqmail inbox, this is the section you want to read.

First, log in to your Microsoft account and go to your email inbox. You can also do this from the Mail app on Windows 8 or Windows 10, but the buttons will be in a slightly different place. In the web app for, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.

QQ Mail account

When it the menu opens, go all the way to the bottom of the menu and click on “Options”.

QQ Mail account

Now, you will be taken to your Mail Options screen, with lots of different links in the left side bar. Sometimes, this page takes a few seconds to load. You’ll just have to be patient 🙂 Under the “Accounts” section is a link that says “POP and IMAP”. Go ahead and click on that to set up your POP options.

QQ Mail account

You will most likely see that your “POP setting” is “Access disabled”. You will need to enable POP in order for qqmail to have access to your Outlook email, so select the “Yes” button where it says “Let devices and apps use POP”.

QQ Mail account

Once the “Yes” button is selected, make sure you save the changes using the “Save” button at the top of the screen.

QQ Mail account

It might take a few seconds to save. And once it does, it might look like nothing has actually happened. You might need to refresh the page in order to see that your POP is in fact enabled now. I had to exit my Options panel and go back in. Ultimately, you will see that your “POP setting” has changed to a few lines with the information of the Outlook email server.

QQ Mail account

Now you can go back to the qqmail form you left filled in in the first section and submit the request. When you click “OK”, qqmail will send a request to your Outlook account to fetch your emails from it. If it doesn’t work right away, try again in a couple hours or contact tech support for Outlook and/or QQ Mail.

QQ Mail account

How to forward email from QQ Mail to other accounts

The more likely situation is that you will want to send your qqmail messages to an email account that you use as your primary one, like Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook. The exact words and locations of the buttons will be different for each type of account, but the steps are more or less the same. I’m going to walk through the steps in Gmail.

One quick thing: Before you try to forward from qqmail to your Gmail, Outlook or wherever, make sure you have the phone you used to set up your QQ Mail account handy. In a minute, you’re going to have to enable POP access in qqmail, and it will require verification from an SMS text message in order to do that.

Okay! First, go into your primary email account and go to the settings/options panel. There should be a tab or section that has something to do with adding accounts or importing mail. In Gmail, it’s a tab called “Accounts and Import”. In Outlook, it’s the “Connected accounts” section.

QQ Mail account

You will want to click on the option that lets you add a new email account to import from. In Gmail, this is in the section for “Check mail from other accounts”. In Outlook, it’s on the “Connected accounts” screen – you just have to click on “Other email accounts” under the heading “Add a connected account”.

QQ Mail account

The next step is to enter your QQ Mail email address.

QQ Mail account

I found it was easiest to just copy and paste it from my qqmail inbox.

QQ Mail account

From this point on, your mileage will vary depending on whether you are trying to import into Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. Gmail gives you an intermediate screen before you enter your password.

QQ Mail account

If you’re in Outlook, though, the password is entered on the same screen as the qqmail email address.

QQ Mail account

Whatever platform you are using, you can fill in all the information to import your QQ Mail, but if you try to add the account right now, it will be rejected because you haven’t enabled POP access in your qqmail settings yet.

How to enable POP access in QQ Mail

Just a friendly warning upfront: this section is a bit tricky and can be hit or miss, depending on your internet connection, your cell service, and how QQ Mail happens to be feeling today. Chinese will be involved, and this might not end up working at all. If things get too hairy, I recommend reaching out to qqmail tech support for help.

From your qqmail inbox, go up to the top of the screen and click on “Settings”. Then, click over to the second tab, labeled “Accounts”.

QQ Mail account

Now, scroll down until you find the section titled “POP3/IMAP/SMTP/Exchange/yada yada yada”.You’ll see that all of these options are set to “closed” by default. You will need to open POP3 in order for the import to work. Click on the top link that says “open”.

QQ Mail account

Okay, now a page is going to open up in Chinese. Don’t panic! It’s just your exact same settings page that you were just on, but now it’s in Chinese. If your spatial memory is good, you’re just going to find the exact same “open” link you clicked on before, and click it again.

QQ Mail account

When you do that, a pop up is going to show up, also in Chinese. It wants a security verification so it knows that some random person isn’t trying to get into your mail and forward it somewhere it shouldn’t go. Here is a translation of the pop up box:

QQ Mail account

Basically, you need to click the green button to make QQ Mail send a code to your mobile number via text message. When you get the code, type it in the box, and click the button at the bottom that says “Verification”.

After that, assuming it works, you can go back to your Gmail, Outlook, whatever, and “add account” to send the request to qqmail.

For me, the verification code never arrived. I clicked around and assumed that clicking on “SMS does not work?” would let me resend a code, but instead I got stuck with an alternative option of downloading the QQ mobile application and scanning a unique QR code. So if you don’t get your SMS code, and you really have your heart set on importing your mail into your primary account, that’s something you can try. Personally, I gave up – I guess reading all that Chinese made me lazy 😉

Make sure you check out our post on how to add and delete contacts in your QQ Mail account.

How to create a new folder in QQMail

Folders are one of the simplest and most intuitive ways to keep your email inbox nice and organized. The ability to create and manage folders is a basic function in modern email platforms, including QQ Mail. The good news is, QQ Mail makes it extremely easy to create new folders to organize your different categories of email, and managing those folders is pretty simple too.

In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through all the different ways you can create a new folder in QQMail so you can pick the one you like best. And at the end, I’ll also give you a quick look at how to manage the folders you’ve created.

For this post, I’m going to assume you already have created your qqmail account and know how to sign in and out of it. If not, make sure you check out those tutorials first. Here, we’re going to start with the main view of the QQ Mail inbox, like this:

How to create a new folder in qqmail – the easy way

The first way I’m going to show you to make a folder in QQ?? is my favorite, and I think it will be your favorite too because it’s incredibly easy to do.

Up at the top of your mailbox (but not the top of the screen), there are several different buttons. The button on the far right says “Move to…”. You can use this button to quickly and easily create a new folder in qqmail, and despite the wording of the button, you don’t have to have a message selected for it to work. So, start by clicking on the “Move to…” button.

Doing this will open a drop-down menu with all the folders that are currently in your account. At the bottom, there is the option to move to a “New folder…”. Click on this last option.

Now, you’ll get a popup box where you will type in the name of the new folder you want to make. It can be whatever you want – it just depends on what you intend to put in the folder. I always like to have a separate folder for receipts from online shopping, so I’m going to call my new folder “Receipts”.

Once you’re satisfied with the name of the folder, click “OK” to create it. And don’t worry – you can edit the name later if you change your mind.

You should get a temporary notification at the top of the screen letting you know that your folder was successfully created.

Now, your folder will appear in the left sidebar of your QQ Mail inbox. Look for the tab that says “My Folders”, and you should see that it has a plus sign next to it, which means you can click to expand it.

When you click on “My Folders”, it will unfold the list of all the folders that you have created. As you can see, my new “Receipts” folder is there, right where it should be.

How to create a folder in qqmail from a message

If you have a specific message that you want to move into a new folder right away, you can create the folder and move the message all in one fell swoop. You can do this from your inbox view or while reading the message, whichever is more convenient.

For example, if I’m checking my inbox and I see an email that I want to move into a new folder without even opening it, here’s what I do:

  1. Check the box next to the message you want to move.
  2. Click on the same “Move to…” button from the first method.
  3. Select “New folder…” just like before.

Alternatively, if you’re reading the email when you decide you want to move it to a new folder, all you have to do is click on the same “Move to…” button at the top of the mailbox, and select “New folder…”.

However you do it, you’ll get that same popup asking you to name the new folder. Just type in the name you want, and click “OK”.

If you create the new folder from a message using either of these two methods, your notification will be different from the “easy way”. You should get a notification saying “Message moved successfully”. That, of course, means that the folder was also created successfully.

How to create a folder in qqmail from settings

The last way you can create a new email folder in QQ Mail is through your mail settings. This is also how you can access all of your created folders in case you need to change or delete them.

First, go up to the top of the screen next to where your qq email address appears, and click on the “Settings” link.

This will take you to the general tab of your mailbox settings. To create a folder, you need to go to the tab called “Folders and Labels”.

The main view here is the system folders, which are the ones that came with your account and which you can’t change (e.g. Inbox, Trash, etc.). To create a new folder, you want to click on the button that says “My Folders”.

Here, you have a blue “New Folder” button to click, and the rest of the process is the same as before: name the folder, and click “OK”. Note that this tab also contains the two folders that I created in this tutorial (“Receipts” using the easy way, and “New folder” from a message). If you ever need to change the name of a folder, empty it, or delete it completely, you can do that here too (as indicated by the star).

So, as you can see, creating a new folder in your QQMail email is very easy to do, and you have several options depending on the situation and your preferences.

If you have other email accounts on other platforms and want to consolidate everything in one place with QQMail or your other email account, don’t miss our next tutorial on how to set up mail forwarding in qqmail.

How to sign in and sign out of QQ Mail

Now that you’ve signed up for your QQ Mail account, it’s time to learn how to sign in and out so you can access your email from any computer while still protecting your information from other people on shared devices.

You might remember that the sign up process for qqmail was quite involved because you had to do an account verification via text message AND by clicking a confirmation link in your primary email. Well, the fun ain’t over yet, because the first time you try to sign in to your qqmail, things will be a little weird. But don’t worry, I’m here to walk you through each step.

How to sign in to qqmail

First, you’ll need to go to the login page for QQ Mail. Remember that this is a Chinese email service, so you’re going to want the English version of the sign in page. To get there, you can Google “qq mail sign in”, and your first result will be the English login page. Note the “en.” at the beginning of the URL – that stands for “English”.

This is what the sign in page for QQ?? looks like. I imagine they change the quotation periodically, so you might see something slightly different.

Here is a close-up of the URL in case you prefer to type the web address in directly, rather than going through a search engine like Google. It’s fairly simple to type in manually, and your internet browser will probably remember it the next time you want to sign in.

At this point, you’ll sign into your qqmail just like any email account. In the first field, type in your primary email address (i.e. the one you used to sign up with, like Gmail or Yahoo). If you saved or wrote down your QQ ID number after you set up your account, you can type that in instead. However, if you try to sign in the first time with your QQ Mail email address, which is your QQ ID followed by “”, it probably won’t work.

Then, type in your password and enter the captcha code if necessary.

At the bottom of the login box, there is a little checkbox that says “Remember me”. If you are using your own private computer, checking this box is convenient because it lets you stay logged in all the time until you log out manually. But if you are using a computer that other people have access to, we recommend leaving this box UNCHECKED.

Ok, here’s the weird part about your first time logging in to qqmail. It’s going to ask you to “activate” your email. Isn’t that what I did when I entered the verification code from my text message and when I clicked the confirmation code in my email upon sign up? Well, apparently not. That set up your QQ Number, but now you have to confirm that you actually want to use your email. Don’t worry, this only happens the first time you log in.

Next QQ is going to ask you to share the news with your friends about your new qqmail email. Except, you probably don’t have any QQ friends yet. So, the only option you have here is to “skip”. Again, this is something that you only have to do the first time you sign in.

Now you finally have a verified, confirmed, activated, bona fide QQ Mail email account. There are some notes about what your new email capabilities are, like storage space and file size for attachments. When you’re ready to go to your brand new inbox, click on “Enter My Mailbox”.

Welcome to QQ Mail (but, like, for real this time). As you can see, your inbox layout is fairly simple. You have probably received a welcome message from QQ, and I sure hope there isn’t any life-or-death information in there, because it’s in Chinese. If you can read Chinese, you’re leagues ahead of me.

How to sign out of qqmail

Now, if you are using your own personal computer and aren’t worried about random people sneaking into your QQ Mail, there’s no need to sign out. However, if you’re on a shared device, it’s always smart to sign out of qqmail before leaving the computer. You can also sign out just so that you can sign in again and see that you don’t have to go through the whole “activation” rigmarole like you did the first time. Just find the “Sign out” link in the top-right corner and click on it.

When you see this page, you know that you’ve logged out of your qqmail account.

Now, just for fun, you can go back to the sign in page by clicking “Sign in again”. And from now on, when you log into qqmail, it will be the standard “username, password, go”. You might even be spared the captcha code if you’re on a computer that QQ Mail recognizes.

Oh, and if you’re curious about those Chinese characters up at the top next to “Business mail”… it will take you to the original qqmail sign in page in Chinese. So if I had to guess, I’d say that’s Chinese for “Chinese”.

If you think you can handle things from here, have fun with your new qqmail email address! For a guide on using the basic functions of your new account, see our post: How to send a message, video, image or file with QQ Mail.

How to create an email in QQ Mail with the help of the phone

Hello, friends virtual readers, greetings here with an update of new tutorials on qq mail, it has been a while since new accounts can be created, but today I was trying again, I see that they can be created again, even if you are not On the Asian continent, I hope that it is something that lasts, and not that it is only effective for a moment or that access has been released due to the global emergency that we are experiencing.

1.- The first thing we must do is enter and click Sign Up

qq mail

2.- We fill in all the information requested, username, password containing: capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.

Also add your phone number, first, we look for the country code, it is in Chinese, but you put + and the code for your country and it appears, also add the complete number of our cell phone, in my case it is Ecuador.

We click on the button where it asks us to send us a code, where the arrow in the image points.


3.- Now as you can see on your computers, if you are doing the procedure or here in the image that I leave you, qq no longer send us code, the message in Chinese but you can translate with the Google translator from Google Chrome.

The message indicates that for security you must scan the QR code with the qq mobile application.

qq mail

4.- Now comes what was a little complicated for me, since you cannot read the Chinese language, you must go to your smartphone and download the application on your phone.

qq mail app

In this part it has to be with the same number that was registered on the website, they have to register in the application, what I did was almost always give the first option, everything is in traditional Chinese, at least I did not find them. way to pass it to English or Spanish, until asked me for the phone number, and I got a code to enter and create the qq mail account.

5.- Once you have entered the account from the phone, you must click on the QR symbol that I point out in the following image.

qq mail app

And then 3 options will appear, you must choose the third one that is to scan the code that you left on the web page at the beginning when you started registering.

qq mail

the app scan it and a message like this will appear, choose the second option, and click where it says share with friends.


6.- If you managed to do the whole process, you will already be inside your email in English, I hope you liked the tutorial and that you share it, please, greetings. 

qq mail

Using QQ International Chat with QQ Mail

If you have created a qqmail email account, why not take advantage of everything it lets you do? The free chat/instant messenger program from Tencent, QQ International, is the next step to get the most out of your email account.

QQ International is especially useful for people who are using qqmail because they have friends, coworkers or business partners in China or in some other country. The program itself isn’t much different from other popular IM applications, except for one huge feature: integrated chat translation. You can automatically translate your instant messaging conversations to make it easier to communicate, with support for more than 50 languages.

And don’t worry – just because you’ve never heard of QQ International before doesn’t mean it isn’t popular. As of this writing, the chat has over 1 billion (with a “b”) registered users in more than 80 countries, with at least 100 million users online at any given moment.

How to download QQ International chat

If you already have your QQ Mail email account, all you need to do to get chatting with QQ International is download the app to whatever device you want, and sign in with the information you used to register with qqmail. You can do this by going to the homepage at and clicking on the “download” button or the “download” link at the top.


Alternatively, you can go directly to the download page using this link:

If you haven’t signed up with QQ Mail yet, you can click on the “sign up” link instead to register an account. I recommend you take a look at our tutorial on creating a qqmail account first, though, because the sign up process can be a bit tricky.

qq internacional

Now, simply click on the version you want to download. I’m on a Windows PC, so I’m going to click on the “Windows” button, and save the file in order to proceed with the QQ International download.

Depending on your device and which browser you use, your downloads may appear in your tool bar or somewhere else. I’m using Firefox, so I can see the progress of my current downloads here.

Note: this download failed on me twice for some reason, but all I had to do was refresh the download and it ended up working perfectly.

Once the download is complete, click on the file to open it and start the installation process.

How to install QQ International chat

If your computer asks you whether you want to allow Tencent to make changes to your computer, say yes. Otherwise, you won’t be able to install the application.

When you accept, it should open the QQ International Installation Wizard on your computer. The default language is English, but you can change it to something else if you want. When you have the right language, click “next”.

Next, you’ll have to read and agree to the software license agreement. Make sure you check the box, and then click “next”.

On the next screen, you’ll have some options for side programs and application shortcuts. I rarely allow a side program to be installed, so I have unchecked the box next to “Get 3 months of full protection FREE from iObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate”. For shortcut options, it’s a matter of personal preference. When you have everything the way you want, click “next” again.

The next screen will show the installation path (where the program will be installed on your computer) and will allow you to choose where you want saved chat history to go. The default is “My Documents”, and I would suggest just leaving it that way. You don’t have to change anything on this screen. Just click “install”.

Now it’s time to wait for the installation to finish. You can let this run in the background or watch and learn some potentially useful info about QQ International. It shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes.

When the installation is completed, it’s time to make your last setup decision. Do you want the chat app to start automatically every time you turn on your PC? If so, leave the first box checked. Do you want QQ International to open right now? Then leave the second box checked. Do you want to get a little report every time the program is updated? If you do, leave the third box checked. When you’ve made your choices, click on the “finish” button.

How to sign in to QQ International chat

Now that you have downloaded QQ International and installed the program, it’s time to log in. If you opted to have the program open automatically, the sign in box should appear on your screen. Otherwise, just open the app using the shortcut on your desktop, quick access bar or start menu.

In the email box, you can enter the email address you used to sign up for your QQ Mail email account. You could use your actual QQ address too, but most people will find it easier to remember their primary email address rather than the numbers that make up their QQ ID. In the password field, enter the same password you use to log in to QQ Mail. Finally, click the “sign in” button.

If your info was correct, you’ll be signed in to QQ International and will see your contacts list appear. The first time you log on, you may also see a user guide. It can’t hurt to look at it, but you can exit out if you want.

Now, here is a quick guide to the main tabs in your new QQ International chat program. The first tab with the tiles icon is all of the QQ/Tencent apps you can use from your account. The second tab is your buddy list. The third tab is where you’ll find group discussions. And the last tab is any recent contacts you have interacted with.

How to sign out of QQ International chat and close the program

Like most instant messengers, QQ International likes to be on as much as possible to keep you connected to your contacts. This can make it a little confusing to log out and close the program.

In order to sign out, click on the colored button next to your name. This button reflects your online status: online is green, the clock icon is away, etc. To log out, click on the “offline” status option. You’ll see that the alt text here says “disconnect from the server”.

Just logging out won’t actually close the program though. Now, here’s something I really like about QQ International compared to Skype, for example. You can choose what you want the “X” button to do: exit the program, or just minimize the window and keep it running in the background.

Personally, I hate not being able to use the “X” to actually exit a program (looking at you, Skype). So, if you’re like me, here’s how to set up QQ International so that it actually closes when you “X” out of the window.

Click on the “X” button like you normally would to exit something. Now, on the pop-up that appears, mark the button next to “exit program”, and make sure the check box is marked so that it remembers your choice. Finally, click “ok”.

So, now you have a whole new way to make the most of your QQ Mail account with Tencent’s official chat/instant messenger app.

If you really want to go all out, you can find mobile versions of QQ International in Google Play Store for Android devices or the iTunes App Store for iOS. That way, you’ll always be able to reach your contacts, whether you’re at home or on the go!

Make sure you let all your contacts in China and other countries know that you’re using QQ International. Chances are, they are too, and they’ll be happy to connect with you.

How to mark and delete spam in QQ Mail

Hawaiians love the kind of Spam that comes in a can, but no one likes the kind that comes in your email. In this post, we’ll talk about how to mark and delete spam emails from your QQ Mail account. Doing this will teach your email how to filter out unwanted messages so they don’t clutter up your inbox.

To get started, make sure you know how to sign in to your qqmail account. We’ll be starting this tutorial from your main QQ Mail inbox view.

How to mark emails as spam in QQ Mail

Just like most major email platforms, qqmail comes with a built-in spam folder and a way of filtering emails. The “Spam” folder can be found in the left menu bar, right underneath the “Trash” folder.

If you click on that link, you can look at your qqmail spam folder. As you can see, mine is empty at the moment.

Now, back to our main inbox view. If you see that an email has arrived and you know it’s spam without even opening it, you can mark and delete it right from your inbox. To do this, just check the box next to the unwanted message, and then click on the button “Report Spam” at the top of your inbox.

On the other hand, sometimes you don’t know a message is spam until you’ve read it. If you have opened an email and see that it’s just icky spam, all you have to do is click on the “Spam” button at the top of the message.

Whichever method you use, you will get a notification from QQ Mail that your action was successful. It says “Report Succed and desubscribed”. I think what it means to say is “Report successful and unsubscribed”. By now, you know that qqmail doesn’t always have perfect English.

Note: This email was not sent to my spam folder, but rather remained in my inbox. I imagine this is because it was an official Tencent system email. Presumably, any other message would be moved into the “Spam” folder, along with any similar messages that would be put there automatically in the future.

How to mark a message as not spam in QQ Mail

If you accidentally report an email as spam, or if qqmail automatically filters out a message that isn’t really spam, you can fix this easily. Simply go into your “Spam” folder, check the message that you want to recover, and click the “Not spam” button. The email will be moved back into your inbox.

Marking and deleting spam in qqmail isn’t complicated, but it can help keep your account much more organized. The more spam you report, the better QQ?? will get at filtering out those unwanted messages, so you never have to deal with them. Any emails that get put in your “Spam” folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days, so it is a good idea to check periodically to make sure it doesn’t contain anything that doesn’t belong there.


How to add and delete contacts in QQ Mail

These days, almost everyone on earth has an email address, and many people have more than one. With all the different people in our lives – friends, family, coworkers, etc. – it’s impossible to keep track of all of those email addresses by memory. And the thought of trying to organize everything into a paper address book is overwhelming just thinking about it. Luckily, most email services, including QQ Mail, let you save and organize your contacts quickly and easily.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of adding and deleting contacts in your QQ Mail account. The qqmail service has a couple different ways to add new contacts, including really convenient tools to import all of your contacts from another email account. We’ll look at all of the options so you can use the one that’s best for you.

How to add contacts in QQ Mail

First, make sure you are logged into your qqmail account so that you’re looking at your inbox. If you aren’t sure how to sign in, refer to our post of signing in and out of QQ Mail before proceeding.

Once you are looking at your inbox, you will go to the “Contacts” section of your account by clicking on the link that says “Contacts” in the left sidebar.

From here, you have three different ways to add new contacts in QQ Mail: adding manually one at a time, importing from a mobile device, and importing from another email account.

How to add contacts manually one at a time in QQ Mail

If you just need to add a couple people into your email contacts and you have their information handy, you can add a new contact manually. It’s very easy to do. On the Contacts page, near the top of the screen there is a blue button with a big “plus” sign on it. This is the “add new contact” button.

Note: if you have an empty contacts folder, like I do, you will also see a link that says, “No contacts. Add one.” This will do the same thing as the “+” button.

This will open up a fairly self-explanatory form for you to enter in the new contact’s information. You don’t have to fill in every field. If you don’t know or don’t need someone’s phone number, for example, that’s okay. But since this is your email contacts book, it’s best to have an email address for everyone you add.

After you enter in all the information you want (I would recommend at least their name and email address), click on the “Save” button at the top of the screen.

You will be taken back to the main qqmail Contacts page, and you should get a little green notification that says “Saved successfully”. Also, the new contact you just added should appear in the list now.

How to add contacts in QQ Mail from a mobile device

Back on the main Contacts page, next to the “+” sign to add a new contact manually (as discussed in the previous section), there is a little gray icon that looks like a mobile phone. This is the “import contacts from a mobile device” button.

Now, here’s the thing about this button. When I tried it, I got a popup window that presumably would have had some sort of verification to send the contacts from my phone into qqmail. Except in that popup, it said the page no longer existed. So I’m not sure if QQ Mail no longer supports this (which seems unlikely), or maybe the English version is just out of date. If you use the QQ mobile app, you might have better luck with his.

It’s also entirely possible that in the time that passes between when I tried to do this, and when you try to do this, it will have been fixed. It could work perfectly fine for you.

If the mobile import doesn’t work, there is a way to get around it – sort of. It involves using the “import from another email account” tool. My thinking here is that if your primary email service is already synced to your mobile device (which is common with Gmail/Android, Outlook/Windows Phone, etc.), then importing from your email is indirectly importing from your mobile device. We’ll look at that in the next section.

How to import contacts in QQ Mail from another email account

If you use some other email service as your primary account, you can most likely import all your email contacts from that account into qqmail. Not every email platform is available to do this, but most of the big ones are.

To get started, go back to the main Contacts page, and go to the third button at the top of the screen. It says “Tools”, with a little arrow pointing down. Click on it.

This will open a drop-down menu of different tools you can use to import contacts. The first option in the list can be used if you have another qqmail email account that you want to import contacts from. The second option lets you import from other email services. The third one lets you import contacts from a file, which I imagine would work with a spreadsheet in Excel.

For the purposes of this tutorial, let’s click on the “Import contacts from other mailboxes”.

Clicking on that option will create a little popup where you will enter the information of the email account you want to import from.

It’s a good idea to double check whether your email platform is supported here. To do that, click on the little arrows next to the email domain “”. Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo email addresses are supported.

Just select the correct email domain, and make sure you don’t get mixed up by selecting “” instead of “”, for example. Then, enter your email address and the password for that other account. Finally, make sure that the “Import to:” field is set to “Contacts”, and click “OK”.

The import process could take a few minutes depending on your connection and how many contacts you have. If it doesn’t work for some reason, I would recommend checking the settings in your other email account. There might be an option there to export your contacts. If so, you would just enter your qqmail email address and password to send the address book over.

How to edit and delete contacts

When you are looking at the main Contacts page, the top of the screen will normally display those three buttons we talked about in previous sections of this post: the “+” button, the “mobile” button, and “tools”.

However, if you mark the checkbox next to any contact in the list, a new set of buttons will appear: “compose”, “delete”, “add to group”, and “merge”. The blue button with the “X” looks like it would mean delete, but it actually means “unselect”.

Note: if you only have one contact selected, the “merge” button will be grayed out. You need to have two or more contacts selected in order to merge them into one.

If you want to edit a contact, to add additional information or fix a mistake, you won’t click on any of these buttons. Just click on the contact itself, and you’ll be taken to another page with the option to edit.

Deleting a contact in QQMail is simple. Just select the contact by marking the checkbox, and click the “Delete” button.

Then, click “OK” to confirm you want to delete them.

You’ll get a notification that says “Deleted successfully”, and you will see that the contact is no longer in your list.

Now you know all the different ways to add contacts in QQ Mail, and also how to delete contacts. Managing groups of contacts is beyond the scope of today’s post. We’ll cover it later when we talk about tips and tricks in QQ Mail.

Make sure to check out our next post on saving important messages in QQMail.

How to open a QQ Mail account (in English!)

QQ Mail is one of the world’s biggest email providers and is associated with one of the world’s biggest social networks, but if you live in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. you may have never heard of it. That’s because QQ Mail (or qqmail) is a Chinese email service created to give residents of China alternatives to sites and services that are banned in that country.

That doesn’t mean that only Chinese people can sign up for qqmail, though. In fact, it’s growing in popularity, especially among people who have business partnerships in China, penpals, or who want to find someone to practice their Chinese with.

That being said, signing up for qqmail can be tricky for English speakers residing outside of China. Here, we have a step by step tutorial for how to open a QQ Mail account in English.

How to open a qqmail account

Your first step is to go to the sign up page. If you Google the search term “QQ sign up”, you’ll get two different results that will take you to what looks like the same page, however, in my experience the first result ( gets a little temperamental. So I prefer to use the second result, which is:

This is what the QQ Mail sign up page looks like:

qqmail page

And here is a close-up shot of the URL of the version of the page that doesn’t start randomly blinking blue lights in all the drop-down boxes:

qqmail sign up

Now you need to fill in the different boxes with your information. In the first box, start typing your primary email address (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). When you do, a dropdown menu will appear so you can select the domain for your email address (that’s the part that comes after the “@” sign). You should get a nice green check mark when QQ verifies that this is a valid email address.

qqmail sign up email select

Continue by picking a nickname. It can be anything you want and it appears that it doesn’t have to be unique, since you’ll get a unique QQ ID number as your account identifier. Then, choose a password that meets the requirements stated in the little popup box, and enter it again to confirm it.

The QQ?? sign up page will let you know how strong or weak your password is, but it will allow you to continue with a weak one (although this isn’t really recommended). Now, continue filling in the fields with your information, selecting your gender, birth date, and location. Finally, type the verification code in the box at the bottom to prove you aren’t a robot, make sure the box is checked indicating you’ve read the fine print, and click “Sign up now”.

Now QQ Mail is going to send you a text message to your mobile phone for additional verification.

IMPORTANT! If you just go typing your phone number in right now, it won’t work because it’s set to accept only numbers from mainland China. If your phone number isn’t Chinese, as it most likely isn’t, click on the link that says “select your country/region”, and then pick your country with the appropriate code from the list.

After that, you can enter your mobile phone number and you should get a free SMS text message within a matter of seconds that contains a 6-8 digit code. Type that code into the box, and submit it. If it is the right code, you should be taken to a page telling you that QQ Mail sent an activation email to the address you used to sign up.

Note: The first time I entered my verification code, I got an error saying I had tried to sign up too many times and I was blocked for 24 hours. I have no idea how this happened except that maybe something weird happened with my connection and it tried to send the page twice. Anyway, it worked today, so if this happens to you, don’t panic. Just try again the next day.

qq activation

Next, you need to check your email for the activation link. I used Gmail to sign up for qqmail and it was sent to my “Updates” tab, but your mileage may vary. Click the big ol’ link in the body of the email.

qq mail activate account

Tadaa! Your QQ Mail is all set up and you can log in by pressing the big green button. You can also set your security questions from this page, which is always a good idea.

qq mail sign up successful

And here’s something neat. Instead of scribbling your new QQ number down on a post-it note that is going to fall off your screen and be lost forever, click on the tiny button that looks like a notepad next to the ID number. This will download a text file that you can open in Notepad.

Depending on your browser, the computer may try to open it as an html file. That’s ok – if you get a popup that lets you select another program to open the file with, pick Notepad (for PC) or whatever program you usually use for .txt files. If you can’t, go into your browser’s downloads, right click the QQ number download and select “go to containing folder”. Then, from that folder, you should have the option to right click and “open with…” Notepad. You’ll get a cute little text file that says “Your QQ number is: **********”, which you can save to your desktop so that it’s always easy to find.

And that’s it! QQ Mail has a fairly simple interface, so you can go ahead and log in using the email/password combo you provided at sign up, or using your new QQ Number and the same password. Click around and explore, but don’t be terribly surprised if you run into some Chinese characters along the way.

To learn how to sign in and out of your new qqmail account, check out our post: How to open and close a session in QQ Mail.